Setting up an offshore company in Anguilla

Offshore state in the Caribbean. The island of Anguilla, Sombrero, and several smaller neighbouring islands are part of the Caribbean and Leward Islands. The island is not only famous for its coral islands and salt exports, but also has a significant tourism industry.

orderoffshore-anguillaAnguilla is a general tax haven, an offshore state, IBC enjoys full tax exemption. Incorporation is also simple, an offshore company can be formed within 24 hours and finalised within a few days. The company name is subject to a proviso that it must end with a limited liability company name ending or abbreviation. There is also a requirement to have a registered address, a registered office in Anguilla and a registered local agent. These services are provided for you by our office. We also provide the Apostille for the international acceptance of company documents. Our offshore company services are available for the entire life of the company.

Anguilla has a very flexible offshore policy. There are no restrictions on offshore companies in terms of capital, shareholders or directors. There is no set minimum share capital, nor is there a limit on the maximum share capital, and in addition, annual fees are not linked to the size of the share capital. A director, who may also be the owner, is sufficient to form a company, but is not required. Although the shares issued must be issued at par value, as registered shares, it is permissible to use a nominee owner or director, which is also provided for if necessary.

Another important issue is discretion, which is also a key issue in Anguilla when setting up offshore companies. The International Business Companies Act does not allow for the disclosure of information about an Anguilla offshore company, except in cases where a court orders it, and then only in the case of a criminal offence. So the regime promises and ensures complete discretion.

Finally, the costs of setting up an offshore company in Anguilla. There are also registration and maintenance costs in this state. The incorporation cost includes the maintenance cost for the first year. On this basis, the cost of incorporating an offshore company is €1,400, with a nominal service of €1,600. For this amount, companies registered in Anguilla also receive free services such as free bank account management in St. Vincent and the gift of domain registration anonymously.

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