Offshore dictionary

Perhaps the most difficult thing in the offshore world for lay people is to understand what offshore is all about. An important first step is to familiarise yourself with the terms that are commonly used to help you navigate this business environment and to understand the literature. As in the main areas of business, a knowledge of English is an advantage in the offshore business world, but the relevant vocabulary can be acquired without it. The following terms are included in the "Offshore dictionary":


Offshore:a company that does not carry out any economic activity at the place of registration
Offshore company:offshore company
Offshore companies:offshore companies
Offshore banking:Offshore banking services
Offshore account:offshore account
Offshore outsourcing:offshore outsourcing
Offshore services:offshore services
Offshore bank account:offshore bank account
Offshore banks:offshore banks
Seychelles offshore:Seychelles offshore
Offshore island:Offshore island
Offshore onlineonline offshore
Offshore company formation:offshore company formation
Offshore incorporate:offshore company registration
Offshore Belize:Belize offshore
Tax heaven:tax haven
Offshore legal:offshore law
Legal offshore:legal offshore
Offshore asset management:offshore asset management
Property protectionasset protection
Futures trading:stock exchange trading
Offshore BVI (British Virgin Islands):BVI offshore ( British Virgin Islands)