I will try to look at the issue from several angles. It is important to consult a professional with experience in this industry. It happens very often that we are approached by a client who has a company that wants a bank account. After we review the documents, we see a huge mess.

Many lawyers or law firms also deal with offshore companies. In many cases, they claim the benefit of legal professional privilege. We have met lawyers who really are experts and we have met lawyers who wish they had not been. That is not a problem, because it is happening all over the world. The problem is that if you are a greenhorn, you can easily bet on the wrong horse. It is very important that the professional is not only able to help with this, but that he or she is also involved in offshore matters on a day-to-day basis, that he or she is a specialist in the field.

List of company documents:
- Certificate of Incorporation
- Memorandum & Articles of Association
- Resolution of Subscriber
- Share Certificate
- Resolution of Director in writing
- Nominee shareholder agreement (in the case of a nominee shareholder agreement)
- Director services agreement (for nominee directors)
- Nominee shareholder declaration or Declaration of Trust (for nominee shareholders)
- Power of Attorney (for Nominee Director)

The following company documents must have an apostille to be authentic:
- Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation)
- Memorandum & Articles of Association
- Appointment of the Director
- PoA (Power of Attorney), if there is a nominee director in the company.

It is advisable to hire an offshore consultant or registrar with several years of professional experience to set up your company. Another important consideration when choosing a professional is that such a relationship should ideally last for several years. You should choose someone you trust and with whom you can maintain a relationship of trust.

I hope I have been helpful and if you have any further questions, please contact us.