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Today, in many parts of the world - currently 110 countries (the number is growing slowly but steadily) - banks are known to collect and transmit information to tax authorities. Banks determine the tax liability according to the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and send the data for the previous calendar year to the relevant tax office by 30 June each year. In practice, this means that there is a unilateral exchange of data between banks and tax administrations once a year. However, this represents a volume of data for each tax administration which it is unlikely that they will be able to fully process in a meaningful way. We cannot be absolutely sure of this and cannot base our banking entirely on it. It is important to note, however, that at present these monies, unless they are the result of criminal activity, are not enforceable or are very difficult to enforce.

But why should we pull the cat's whiskers if we can keep our bank details out of our hands?! We offer our partners the possibility to open a private offshore account that allows you to keep your bank details confidential. Our unique offer is the opening of a bank account in Georgia, as Georgia is not one of the 110 countries mentioned above and we currently have no information on their intention to join the system. However, you can bank at a low cost, have a high cash withdrawal limit, bank online and of course, as anywhere else, you can get a debit card with your account. We offer our partners a unique opportunity to open a bank account in Georgia with the assistance of our Georgian lawyer. This way you can get a private bank account without travelling, conveniently and cost-effectively. Of course, once the account has been opened, the lawyer does not have control over the account, his mandate is limited to the creation of the account.

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