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0% corporate tax, 0% VAT, 0% VAT, permanent residence permit. Freezone incorporation from as little as USD 7850.


0% Income tax, 0% Capital gains and dividend tax, take advantage of a tax-free environment for personal enrichment.


The most stable offshore location, with excellent value for money. Company formation with full administration from 990€.


Opening bank accounts in Dubai for corporate and private clients, with truly local Hungarian assistance.


Blue and Red Consulting Limited



Panama company formation When forming a Panama company, I always advise my clients to

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Our company deals with offshore company formation, providing services for entrepreneurs who want to start an offshore company with a secure legal background. For more information, please click on the button below.

Offshore Company Formation

The point of setting up an offshore company is that the company is taxed in the tax jurisdiction of the offshore country of its choice, saving a considerable amount of income.

It is not a scam, it is not a "loophole", anyone can take advantage of the opportunities offshore offers. The main condition for setting up an offshore company is that only the founder or group of founding members transfer their assets to the chosen country, i.e. the economic activity of the company - i.e. production, sales, purchases - is not carried out in the territory of the offshore country.

So the offshore company only has its registered office in the territory of the offshore state. Thus, the offshore company and the company incorporated in the foreign country are not the same; the offshore company is a completely separate company, governed by a separate set of laws. As such, offshore companies can enjoy the benefits of the country's tax regime.

Benefits of Starting an Offshore Business

The main advantage of offshore incorporation is that in most cases, offshore companies in these countries are not subject to corporate and other taxes, but only to a minimum annual fee.

Another important argument in favour of offshore incorporation is that it is legally simpler, but at the same time regulated. Administrative processes are shortened. No unnecessary paperwork. There are different expectations of offshore companies in these countries.

Most differences are in the provision of data and the availability of company information. But these states offer significantly more favourable conditions for offshore companies than for local companies. One of the most important of these advantages is anonymity. For offshore states, as well as for offshore companies, data protection is of utmost importance, which is ensured by the confidentiality regime in offshore jurisdictions. Not only do they focus on the protection of business data, but they also pay great attention to the protection of personal data.

The most popular offshore countries, the so-called "tax havens", are Anguilla, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Seychelles, Panama, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Jersey, Liechtenstein. These examples show that there are potential locations all over the world - in the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe or the Indian Ocean - where offshore companies can be set up.

The first and almost most important step in setting up an offshore company is to define how the company will operate. This is important to ensure that the company is registered in the most ideal location for tax, legal and confidentiality purposes. In summary, therefore, the main reasons for setting up an offshore company are the minimal administrative and other requirements of the chosen offshore jurisdiction, the minimal or non-existent taxation and liabilities, and the all-important data protection regimes.

Setting up an offshore company may seem simple enough. Offshore means companies that do business in a country other than the one in which they are registered. This is the primary requirement for setting up an offshore company. The offshore system itself is based on taxation, the more favourable tax conditions offered by "tax havens", simpler administration and a special data protection regime.

A key decision in setting up an offshore company is what you want to use your new business for. Nowadays, there are many options to choose from, allowing the client to tailor the offshore company to their own activities. Of course, some of the most common uses of offshore companies include:

Perhaps the most difficult thing in the offshore world for lay people is to understand what offshore is all about. An important first step is to familiarise yourself with the terms that are commonly used to help you navigate this business environment and to understand the literature. As in the main areas of business, a knowledge of English is an advantage in the offshore business world, but the relevant vocabulary can be acquired without it.