A company name is always made up of two parts: the company name itself and a company ending. The name can be almost any name, but there are words it cannot contain. For example, the following words are not exhaustive:
government, bank, insurance, health, hospital, and any other term referring to these. Furthermore, trading on the forex market is a very popular activity these days. It is also not recommended to use the terms FX or forex, as this can cause a lot of difficulties later on, even when opening a bank account. This is understandable as, when you are managing your own money, you do not insist on it and do not necessarily indicate it in the name of the company. Those who do want to show it usually have a conscious aspect behind it and they 99% are managing someone else's money in some form. So this is something the bank tries to keep away from. It is a different case if someone gets all the financial licenses.
I also don't recommend that people put together something from their own name or the name of a close relative if anonymity is important to them.
The company name must be followed by a suffix. We are all used to this indicating the true type of company, but this is not entirely true for offshore companies. It should indicate limited liability, but can be Ltd, Limited, Corp, Corporation, S.A, or Incorporated (Inc), but we have also registered GMBH. Most commonly used endings are Limited or Ltd.