What is an offshore company good for?

A key decision in setting up an offshore company is what you want to use your new business for. Nowadays, there are many options to choose from, allowing the client to tailor the offshore company to their own activities. Of course, some of the most common uses of offshore companies include:

  • 1. tax reduction, lowering profit tax - most offshore companies are created with this aim
  • 2. conducting international trade transactions -
  • 3. holding companies
  • 4. employer companies, temporary work agencies
  • 5. foreign investment
  • 6. financing companies
  • 7. retention of interest tax, capital gains tax
  • 8. payment of dividends, trading in securities, sale of shares exempt from tax
  • 9. asset protection
  • 10. royalties, patents, trademarks
  • 11. offshore banks, insurance companies
  • 12. prestige company

It is important to choose an offshore jurisdiction according to the type of offshore jurisdiction you choose, as legal and tax differences may offer even better deals for certain types. This is where OrderOffshore.com can help you, where we keep track of changes in offshore issues, whether legal or business, and of course this affects both the most popular offshore states and the current offshore policy in Hungary.