United Arab Emirates The mysteries of company formation

Setting up a company in Dubai, the main advantages of registering in the United Arab Emirates

We believe that setting up a company in Dubai is currently one of the best options for entrepreneurs for tax optimisation. It is not a member of the OECD but has a double tax treaty with Hungary. And I will stop here for a moment. Most of us do not read such conventions every day. I've had the pleasure of reading a few, but I found something in this one that I haven't found elsewhere. In general, a company is considered a resident for tax treaty purposes if it is subject to corporate tax abroad. In the case of the UAE, this means that any company or other legal entity registered or incorporated under the laws of the UAE on the basis of its registered office, domicile, place of business or any other similar criteria is deemed to be resident in the UAE. 

Another major advantage of the tax treaty is that it specifies that directors' fees or other similar payments are taxable in the UAE. This allows them to be exempt from Hungarian taxation.

Opening a bank account for a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates

Although these days we have to get used to the fact that it is almost impossible to open an account for a traditional offshore company, this is also the case in Dubai for offshore companies. However, we can help you open a bank account for freezone or mainland companies. Our company offers Dubai account opening for Dubai companies and their owners and managers. It is a rarity that here you can be exempt from the consequences of the mandatory bank data exchange agreement and thus store and grow your assets in Dubai in complete secrecy without the Hungarian government receiving automatic information. Find out more about opening a bank account in Dubai on this page links.

Would you settle in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai also has other benefits. If you're setting up an onshore company in a free trade zone, we can help you become a tax resident in a tax-free country or even start building a UAE market for your business. About Dubai residency opportunities here you can read. We have extensive experience in company formation and establishment in Dubai.

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