Offshore Business Plan

The main purpose of writing a business plan is for the employee sitting in the bank to know and understand what the company does and how the bank account will be used. In a simple, brief way, it usually fits into half a page or a page at the most. The following important information should be included in the business plan for opening a bank account for an offshore company (if something is not clear to the banker, they may ask questions):

  • A few sentences about the company and its owners.
  • Presentation of the company's business.
  • If the company has a fixed partner, name it, even with a website.
  • Enter the expected invoice turnover of the company. Expected number and value of outgoing and incoming transfers on a monthly average.
  • Company website

Why is this necessary? Any business account you want to open, the bank will ask you what the activity will be. It's just that while in the case of a traditional company, even a Hungarian company, you walk into the bank, they ask these questions without you even noticing. Because here the customer does not walk into the bank, they ask for the necessary information in writing. This is security for both the bank and the customer.